When Nicole Kidman Thought Jimmy Fallon Is Gay After Trying Twice To Heat Up Things With Him Failing Both The Times

There was a time when he turned red in embarrassment after he came to know, he blew a chance to date the Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman.

Jimmy Fallon is a popular talk show host and one of his most beloved. He’s known for asking awkward and cheesy questions to his guests. He did however, once in a while, embarrassment set in after he discovered that he was dating Nicole Kidman, the Hollywood beauty.

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In 2015, The Eyes Wide Shut actress appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She recalled an awkward encounter with Jimmy Fallon but was convinced that Jimmy was gay.

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman remember their meeting night in a very different way. Nicole confessed that she liked Jimmy Fallon, Kidman stated, “I liked your,” and Kidman responded, “Not now, I’m married now.”

Jimmy didn’t know about it and blushed, thinking he had lost the chance to date The Aquaman Star. He then shockedly said, “Wait…what?” Nicole Kidman was my sexy mate. We were going on a date.

Later, the actress revealed that she believed the host was gay. “You’re there wearing a baseball cap, and you won’t talk. And I’m like, ‘OK so,’ and then you put on a videogame or something!” It was terrible. It was awful. I realized after an hour and a quarter that he had no interest in me. “

One year later, Nicole Kidman appeared again on Jimmy Fallon’s show to promote Lion. She revealed another story in which the host rejected her. “We were at David Finch’s house, I believe it was David’s, and it was back when Brad and Jen were still together, so it wasn’t that long ago.” You could have asked for my number because it was round two… but you didn’t ask. And that’s the truth. So do not pretend!”

Jimmy was again shocked, and he changed his question. He then invited Keith Urban, the husband of actresses.

You can watch the whole hilarious conversation between Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon.

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