Bookies Have Chosen Their Favourite To Play Next James Bond & It’s Neither Henry Cavill Nor Tom Hardy

The hunt for the next James Bond has begun and the makers have even confirmed they will announce his name in 2022.

There’s a lot going on about what is happening around the James Bond mantle and the discussion is about who will assume the mantle after it’s empty. Daniel Craig is now gearing for the release of the highly anticipated No Time To Die, that will see him playing James Bond one last time. Craig has been the throne’s holder for the over 15 years and is searching for the next Bond. Starting from Henry Cavill to Rege-Jean Page Many names have been rumored in the last few months.
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If you’re not aware, Hollywood is almost on the cusp of witnessing a major occasion. The search to find the new James Bond has begun and the producers have announced that they will unveil the name of James Bond in 2022. However, there are no known contenders, just some theories. However, from what we can see this, Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page is now the preferred choice of book publishers.

Rege-Jean is the most recent entry into the race to be James Bond and turns out that he’s already a fan favorite with a large public. Learn all you need to know about the similar.

According to the betting site based in London, William Hill as per Movieweb Rege-Jean is the leading player on the pack, with 5–1 odds. She is beating Tom Hardy, who has been a favorite of fans, to second position with 3–1. Black Mirror fame James Norton is in a tie with Venom the Venom is tied with the Let There Be Carnage actor. In the meantime, the most talked about names in the last couple of months, Henry Cavill and Idris Elba, have odds of seven and eight odds respectively.

“Rege-Jean Page has gotten a lot of praise for his role in Bridgerton, so his current free agent status has fueled the speculation, which is evidenced by the bookies suggesting he’s the favorite to be the first Black man to play James Bond,” According to the spokesperson for the US-Books Association.

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